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Main features:

ο handheld,lightweight and convenience for carrying

ο The most advanced technology of double-color & material integrative mould in trade

ο Advanced anti-reflective TFT LCD,visible clearly in field

ο&nb sp;1.6m extra-short event dead zone

ο&nb sp;Communication light check automatically

ο&nb sp;0.25m high resolution,65534 sampling points

ο&nb sp;Fast auto measurement,one-button operating

ο&nb sp;Double USB interfaces, supporting USB stick and direct cable download to PC via ActiveSync

ο&nb sp;Supporting Bellcore GR196 file format in writing or reading

ο&nb sp;Function of intelligent indicating of remaining capacity of battery and warning if the voltage of battery is low.

ο&nb sp;WinCE operation system, double operating interface of Chinese and English

ο&nb sp;Built-in lithium battery with high capacity for over 10 hours of operating life

ο&nb sp;Visible fault locating (VFL)< /span>

ο&nb sp;Universal FC/PC,FC/SC,FC/ST connector type, it´s convenient for surface cleaning

ο&nb sp;Unique function of updating system on-line, returning to factory is unnecessary

ο&nb sp;Extra-short event dead zone

JX8001 palm OTDR has extra-short event dead zone, which is suitable for testing short optical fiber and pigtail optical fiber.

JX8001 Palm OTDR is mainly used to measure FTTx network, it provides a low cost solution for users. JX8001 offers three measuring modes: manual mode (including real time mode and average mode), auto mode and dead zone mode.

Manual measurement mode: manual mode is suitable for skilled operator who is familiar with the instrument. In this measurement mode, to get more accurate results, real-time mode or average mode can be selected if necessary.

Real-time mode: The dynamic changes of fiber chain can be detected timely, it is very useful when you need to observe the effect and process of fiber being spliced or connected.

Average measurement mode:The noise in trace can be suppressed, and the SNR(signal noise ratio) is improved, therefore,the result is more accurate. In fact, the more average times is executed, the more noise in trace is suppressed, and the longer time is spent for signal processing. In practice, the average times should be set properly according to necessity.

Measuremen t mode: The optimized measurement conditions are set automatically, it´s unnecessary to operator to know about the complicated background knowledge and the further details of operating. In this mode, the more accurate results can be gained when proper average times are set, but it will increase the time of signal processing.

Dead zone mode:this mode is suitable for testing optical fiber with short distance and the optimized settings of distance range, pulse width and attenuator can be executed automatically. To get the best result, the terminal return loss should be guaranteed less than -40dB.

Main Technical Parameter

Main OTDR Modules


Center wavelength



Type of optical fiber


Dynamic Range

28 / 26dB

Distance Measurement Accuracy

±(1m + sample space + measurement distance×0.003%)

Event Dead Zone


Sampling Resolution

0.25 , 0.5 , 1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16m

Distance Range

0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256km

Pulse width

10 , 30 , 80 , 160 , 320 , 640 , 1280 , 5120 , 10240ns

Loss threshold


Sampling points

Up to 65k



Memory capacity

800 traces

Group refractive index setting

1.00000 - 2.00000 (0.00001 steps)


Color LCD(touch screen)



Optical Connector

FC/UPC (universal connector)


650nm ± 10nm,2mW(typical);CW/1Hz


User selectable : simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Korean etc..

Power Supply

DC:15V to 20V(3A),(AC adapter 100240V, 50/60Hz,1.5A),

Built-in Lithium battery:4400mAh,7.4V,operating time10 hours



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